The Sales Pitch // Ep 09 // Real Estate Success is All About Consistency with Roh Habibi

The Sales Pitch podcast is your go-to resource designed for real estate professionals seeking to amp up lead generation, networking, and in-person sales.
“It’s about outworking any potential competitors, being the knowledge broker for myself, for my team, for my colleagues, for my client -- really, really excelling in how much we eat, breathe and sleep this craft.” ~ Roh Habibi

Today on The Sales Pitch Podcast, Melissa Kwan speaks with Roh Habibi, founder and principal of The Habibi Group Opulent Properties, a San Francisco–based real estate brokerage. Roh talked with Melissa about what led him to forgo a career in financial planning for real estate, his surprisingly simple sales philosophy, what he’s learned from Kobe Bryant, and much more.

Roh told Melissa that his main driver of lead generation is the open house. In this episode, he discusses how his team utilizes a “hospitality” approach to ensure continued open house success. Despite keeping it “old school” with his focus on open houses, Ron explains why he also believes in the importance of continually learning and building a knowledge base so the group stays on the leading edge. This is a really fascinating conversation that you won’t want to miss!

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