The Sales Pitch // Ep 02 // Discover Why it’s Important to Lead with Confidence and Stay True to Who You are with Travis Robertson

The Sales Pitch podcast is your go-to resource designed for real estate professionals seeking to amp up lead generation, networking, and in-person sales.
“You need to be able to walk into a conversation and be 100% OK if your prospect never asks you what you do or if you never get to talk about real estate or if you never get to talk about yourself at all.” ~ Travis Robertson

On this episode, you’ll hear from seasoned real estate business coach Travis Robertson. In his conversation with Melissa, Travis opens up about how he got started as a business coach, the best way to grow your network, why it’s so important to lead with confidence, how to build trust with clients, and so much more! If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!

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Of all the #RealEstateTips, the one that will most help you connect with your clients is the idea of leading with #confidence! Find out why it’s so important from @travistro on this episode of the #SalesPitch #podcast!

When working with clients, don’t put on a “Mask,” just be you! Hear more about why this is vital for your success in #RealEstate by listening to @travisro on this engaging episode of the #SalesPitch #podcast!

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