The Sales Pitch // Ep 01 // How To Upgrade Your Client Engagement Strategy with Brian Meier

Welcome to the very first episode of The Sales Pitch podcast! This podcast is designed for real estate professionals seeking to amp up lead generation, networking, and in-person sales. Your host is Melissa Kwan, Co-founder and CEO of Spacio, the industry-leading enterprise-level open house solution that helps real estate agents monetize their open houses by automating lead capture and follow up.
"I find if you have a pre planned opening line, it’s going to sound like BS. When things are BS, they are going to sound like BS. Be yourself and engage with clients naturally!” ~ Brian Meier

What does it take to create an effective and successful client engagement strategy? Is there a magic formula that top realtors use to connect with their clients? On this episode, you’ll hear from special guest and award-winning Manhattan real estate agent, Brian Meier. In his conversation with Melissa, Brian opens up about his background in sales, what led him to work in the real estate market, how he stands out in the crowded New York marketplace, tips for client engagement, and much more.

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