Spacio Projects Integrates with Spark for Seamless Visitor Registration at New Development and Leasing Sales Centers
Vancouver, BC
Integration with Spark CRM.
How does Spacio work with Spark?

All leads registered using Spacio Projects will flow directly into Spark CRM for ongoing campaign and task management.

Existing leads previously registered through the development website and web form will be updated in Spark CRM instead of duplicated.

Instant notifications through the Spacio Projects mobile app when returning customers register at sales centers.

Integration fee waived for Spark customers.

Key Benefits and Objectives

Accurately capture all visitors information into Spark CRM to ensure follow up and continuous marketing, replacing paper registration with messy handwriting.

Deliver an elevated customer experience at registration to create the best first impression for developers and marketing firms.

Ensure complete data capture for foot traffic and project analytics in order to make sales and marketing decisions.

Identify hot leads in real-time with instant notifications on returning customers through the Spacio Projects mobile app.

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Spacio + Spark
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