Spacio Integrates with Contactually for Seamless Lead Capture at Open Houses and Ongoing Automated Marketing
Washington, DC
Integration with Contactually CRM.
Select Buckets directly from Spacio for leads to flow into.
How does Spacio work with Contactually?

This integration can be activated easily from the Integrations page inside Spacio by logging into your Contactually account.

Leads registered using Spacio will flow directly into Contactually, new contact tagged with "spacio" will be created.

Select a Contactually Bucket for Spacio leads to flow into for specific automated marketing campaigns.

Leads with existing records in Contactually will be updated instead of duplicated.

Key Benefits and Objectives

Capture all open house leads into Contactually to help agents maximize lead conversion with automated marketing, allowing agents to nurture and convert leads over time.

Drive ongoing engagement for both platforms with leads flowing directly into Contactually, becoming a part of an agent's existing workflow.

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Spacio + Contactually
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