Meet The Meier Team, the #1 Real Estate Team in Transactions in Manhattan
An interview with Brian Meier.
Brian Meier
Team Name
Team Lead
Brian Meier
The Corcoran Group
Area of Focus
Manhattan and Brooklyn
2016 and 2015 Wall Street Journal Best Real Estate Agents in America
2016 President’s Council
Sales volume
212 sales transaction and $200m+ sales volume in 2016.
Called “one of the top ten most innovative brokers in the country”, The Meier Team attributes their steady success to a core set of values including personalization, creativity and loyalty.

It makes perfect sense that each one of The Meier Team’s 14 members possess significant experience with New York City residential real estate -- because this team has consistently sold the most number of apartments in New York City since 2012.

Another value that Brian Meier, Team Lead, proudly advocates is his team’s ability to innovate. From working with cutting edge technology to digitizing the business, The Meier Team aims to make the entire process of home selling seamless for its clients.
Favorite words to live by
Think big. Move quickly.
What's the best advice you've ever received?
I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America and loved being a chef, but I quickly learned it also involved long hours and low compensation. A close friend advised me that I would be better to leverage my personality and quantitative skills elsewhere. That was all the motivation I needed to leave the restaurant industry and move into real estate.
What is your definition of a ‘successful’ open house?
If 20 prospective buyers come to the open house and I know that three of them will make offers later on in the same day.
How does your team run open houses?
We typically host 10 to 15 open houses per week, and 40 to 60 open houses a month. We usually run open houses over the weekend and most of them are scheduled on Sunday. We also frequently change the lead agent responsible for open houses, and therefore, need an app that allows for that flexibility.
What is your team’s usual process for following up with visitors?
We treat all direct visitors as leads and move them into the sales funnel. Buyers who come with a broker receive a follow-up email asking about their interest.
Before Spacio, how did you consolidate leads from different agents on your team?
Our process was manual. Open house sheets were collected on Monday and manually entered into a spreadsheet. It was a lot of work to populate a single database.
What percentage of your team’s sales would you say come from open houses?
About 25% to 30%.
What made you decide to ‘digitize’ your open houses?
As my team was growing, it became more imperative to implement a digital workflow and decrease the amount of time spent on manual administrative work. Digitizing our open houses is just one more area of our business that we have found a digital solution for, that we are happy with.
What was the most surprising benefit you discovered after digitizing open houses for your team?
Spacio’s dashboard allows for very quick interpretation of the data. I can manage all of our open houses in real-time just from my iPad Pro.
How has Spacio changed your overall open house process?
We have eliminated manual consolidation that was previously required every Monday morning. The data entry step was a very tedious task that was fraught with human error - which has now gone away!
What would you tell another team that was thinking about switching their open house process from paper-based to digitally-based?
If you want to create time efficiency and reduce human error, Spacio is an easy-to-use digital app that provides an elegant solution.
What has been the reaction from your clients who experience a digital open house?
They view our digital sign-in process as a natural part of the open house. Visitors have been quick to embrace this technology as they have with everything else in their lives.
What is your number one piece of advice for hosting a successful open house?
Make sure the inputs are correct and completed. If they are done, the output will be a success.
“Spacio is an easy-to-use digital app that provides an elegant solution that creates time efficiency and reduces human error.”
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