Meet The Monica Diaz Team, One of Southern California’s Highest Rated Real Estate Teams
An interview with Jay Campbell.
Jay Campbell
Team Name
Team Leads
Monica Diaz and Jay Campbell
Keller Williams Covina
Area of Focus
Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley
Named #1 Overall Producing Team at Keller Williams Covina for three years in a row.
Sales volume
More than $25 million in sales volume for four consecutive years.
Led by mega-agent listing specialist Monica Diaz and digital marketing expert Jay Campbell, the Monica Diaz Team has over 45 years of combined experience in the Southern California real estate market. Having worked with thousands of clients, they are one of the highest ranked teams in the region, with more than 325 five star reviews on Zillow, Google, Yelp and Facebook. Read on to find out their secrets to success.
If there was nothing holding you back, where would you pack up your bags and move to?
We would be laptop entrepreneurs living on the water in St. Petersburg (Florida), Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), Queensland (Australia) and Summerlin (Nevada). We would spend three months in each city, rotating from vacation home to vacation home.
What is your definition of a ‘successful’ open house?
Where 100+ people come through the doors and we capture all of the relevant information from prospective buyers so we can remarket to them later.
How does your team run open houses?
We have one or two opens per weekend for the same house. The goal is to gain three to four buyers we can work with.
Prior to going paperless, how did you consolidate different leads from different agents on your team?
Before we started using Spacio, we consolidated our leads through manual data entry into Follow Up Boss, which is the CRM software we use.
How many open houses does your team typically host every week?
During our busy selling season, we host upwards of 10 opens per week.
What made you decide to ‘digitize’ your open houses?
The reality was that we weren’t capturing open house data effectively. During the manual entry of data from the sign-in sheets into our CRM, lots of information was being lost in the transition.
What was the most immediate benefit you discovered after digitizing open houses for your team?
The ability to remarket to people through email more effectively. We also grew our database totals quickly.
How has Spacio changed your overall open house process?
It has really simplified the data collection process and also made using Follow Up Boss more efficient.
What would you tell another team that was thinking about switching their open house process from paper-based to digitally-based?
Invest in technology. It’s important to learn how to capture data and warehouse it so you can utilize it in the future.
What has been the reaction from your clients who experience a digital open house?
Some have been supremely excited, as the process of pushing a touch screen rather than writing information on a clipboard is much more seamless and simplified. Sometimes people are resistant to registering via iPad when they are used to pen and paper, but with adoption of new technologies that is something we are always bound to experience.
What is your number one piece of advice for hosting a successful open house?
Make sure you market it efficiently both online and through social media, for at least four days in advance of the open. It’s imperative that all websites have enough time to update their algorithms with your open house data points.
Spacio offered the ability to remarket through email more effectively, and made using Follow Up Boss more efficient.
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