Meet Christina Hood, The Earliest Adopter in Silicon Valley Real Estate
As one of Spacio’s very first customers, Christina Hood leads the pack in real estate by advocating the use of technology. From finding and using innovative apps to streamline her business, to using social media to market open houses, Christina’s ultimate focus is offering a ‘hassle free’ approach to ensure success for her clients. A former airline pilot, Christina has recently transitioned from working alone to running a team of Silicon Valley experts at SVHOODs Global Real Estate Group.
Christina Hood
Areas of Focus
Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Bronze Medal Award Winner, Keller Williams
  • Member of Women's Council of REALTORS®, Silicon Valley Network, 2017
  • Communications & Social Media Chair, Women's Council of REALTORS®, State of California, 2017
How do you typically market your open houses?
My open house marketing system begins the moment the listing is signed.
  • I utilize “Coming Soon” strategies to start an interest list, and door knock the neighborhood so they take notice.
  • Once active, I use MLS, online portals, and Facebook advertising and create a property website address.
  • I doorknock the neighborhood to personally invite 100 homeowners to a 'neighbors only' preview of the home. Typically, the preview is held on the Friday night before the open house on the weekend. I always have two sign riders. One has the address domain of the property listed and the other is a call out, like, "Honey, stop the car!" or " I'm beautiful inside".
  • I run open houses on the weekend and utilize a flyer service that sends emails to 4,000 agents.
  • I also use a tool from RealScout that allows me to target agents with possible matching buyers. Bottom line, #telleveryone
How do you decide which customers to focus your time on?
Each guest is important and I leverage myself by having help at my open houses. Either my lender or my marketing assistant will be at the door to greet everyone who enters. They each have an iPad in hand and invite everyone to register through Spacio. I also have a few associates who position themselves around the property. At open houses, I ask my open house team who I need to meet and then I focus on moving around, saying hello to visitors, and checking traffic so I can report back to the seller.
What is your usual process for following up with visitors?
Fortunately, the follow up is part of Spacio’s magic. By the time the open house is over, or by the next day, I am already receiving reply emails from guests who had attended the open house and received the auto ‘thank you’ email from the Spacio app. I will call and reply to these emails to build the relationship and see how I can be of service.
Roughly what percentage of your sales would you say come from open houses?
What were some of your challenges with open houses prior to finding a digital solution with Spacio?
Reading the handwriting from the guests and data entry -- ugh!
Why did you choose Spacio over other solutions?
Spacio is simple to use. Spacio understands that agents don’t want another database to manage -- agents want tools that easily integrate into current systems. #thatwaseasy
What is your favorite Spacio feature?
Spacio, Spacio, how do I love thee? I love Spacio’s simplicity, the ability to customize my questions, and being able to instantly verify the information collected from the guests. Also, I love Spacio’s integration with other systems.
We understand that you use Spacio both on its own and in combination with other products. Tell us more.
The integration of Spacio and Follow Up Boss is awesome! The first email that Spacio sends out to visitors is logged and tracked in my Follow Up Boss account. Being connected simplifies my follow up and allows me to focus on my notes, tasks and the needs of the buyer and/or sellers that I meet at my open houses.
What is your number one piece of advice for hosting a successful open house?
Have a plan! Use a system like Spacio and most importantly - follow up!
Spacio, Spacio, how do I love thee? I love Spacio’s simplicity, the ability to customize my questions, being able to instantly verify the information collected from the guests the integration with other systems.
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