Meet Leading BHHS Agent Alan Plager (AKA The Paperless Internet Agent)
With an impressive list of accolades that includes the Chairman’s Circle, President’s Circle and Honor Society, Alan Plager is one of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ leading real estate agents. Having worked in the industry for more than two decades, Alan knows a thing or two about open houses. Read on to discover some of his tips, and find out why he’s nicknamed “the Paperless Internet Agent.”
Alan Plager
Areas of Focus
Tampa Bay, Florida
Top 10 in the BHHS network nationwide (twice). Recognized as among the top 1% of realtors nationwide and received Chairman’s Circle, President’s Circle and Honor Society awards multiple times
Sales Volume to Date
In total, over 6,000 unit sales
Why did you start using Spacio?
I am always looking to leverage new technologies and stand out from the crowd.
Why do you call yourself the Paperless Internet Agent?
With my volume, I needed to find ways to be faster and more efficient over the years. If you don’t learn to leverage technology, then the business will consume you and you actually become less efficient.
We hear you use Spacio in a few unique ways. Can you describe how that has worked for you?
First off, I changed the default wording on my sign-in forms, email templates and broadcast messages from “Open House” to “Thanks for viewing…” and I customized the questions to accommodate regular showings. This way, I can use Spacio for both open houses and for scheduled showings by appointment on weekdays.

In addition, I changed the content for Broker Follow-Up within the Email Templates. This allowed me to use the broker’s open house email template section for another use: my industry training activities. One of the industry certificates I have requires that I run workshops and training for agents. In order to receive credit, I need the agent’s information. For this, I set up an open house in Spacio and instead of inputting an address in the address field, I input the topic that I’m providing training on. I’ve customized the questions so I can obtain the required info I need to collect from agents who attend the training. Afterwards, I send out a thank you email using the Broadcast Message feature, selecting the pre-populated Broker Follow-Up template, which I previously changed to a “Thanks for attending my training” template.
What is your definition of a ‘successful’ open house?
Finding at least one potential buyer or seller.
How do you typically market your open houses?
I heavily rely on email, Internet and social media to promote my opens. For instance, I often post my upcoming open houses on LinkedIn and Twitter.
What do you do to prepare for a new open house?
I share information about the open house on various websites and social media for at least two weeks prior. As well, I send out emails to my database of realtors and potential buyers and sellers.
What is your method of asking visitors to sign-in and share contact information at your open house?
I use the Spacio iPad app. It actually becomes a talking piece. People love talking about it and comparing it to old-fashioned sign-in sheets they find at other open houses.
What is your usual process for following up with visitors?
I have Spacio send out a nice auto follow-up email. Then I download the contacts from the open house and upload them to a program called Cabernet Corner, which my company supplies to agents. After I’ve uploaded the contacts, Cabernet Corner places them on an email drip campaign. In addition, I will follow up by phone.
What’s the biggest challenge you encounter at open houses and how do you work around it?
Always trying to be different from my competitors so that I stand out. For instance, sometimes instead of printing out a flyer on plain white paper, I will use colored paper. Right now, I’m differentiating myself by using Spacio. Every agent hosting an open house uses a clipboard, sign-in sheet and pen. At the open house or showing, they ask everyone to just sign in. Using Spacio on my iPad allows me to be different from every other open house that a potential buyer visited that day.
What is your number one piece of advice for hosting a successful open house?
Holding an open house is not about selling that particular property you’re hosting an open for. If you do get lucky, great. However, it’s about increasing your database of people who may need your services now or in the future.
What's the best advice you've ever received?
From Floyd Wickman: “Get out of the office.”
I can use Spacio for both open houses and for scheduled showings by appointment on weekdays.
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